To live God and to show Christ’s love to others


To expose youth to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, so that they may be lifelong disciples and a catalyst to the world

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Wednesdays 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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Current Study

Students in America are growing up in a culture that places high emphasis on entertainment, politics and self. It's increasingly difficult for scriptural Truth to cut through the noise and sink into the hearts and minds of this next generation.

In these four youth Bible study sessions, David Nasser uses the life of Paul to highlight how followers of Christ can stand up to cultural “norms” and stand firm in Christ.

Mondays at 6:45 pm

Girls Bible Study Title
The Case for Faith

Current Study

Lee Strobel knows how important it is to find answers that ring true. With his background as an award-winning legal journalist, asking tough questions has been his business. And while his search for the truth convinced Lee that Jesus is real, it also confronted him with some particularly knotty, gut-level questions about Christianity. Why is there suffering? Doesn’t science disprove miracles? What about hell—and the millions who’ve never heard of Jesus? Is God unjust? They’re the kind of conundrums that can—and have—blocked people’s faith. They don’t have to block yours. Join Lee in a fascinating journey of discovery. You’ll gain powerful insights that will reshape your understanding of the Bible. And you’ll read true stories of people whose experiences demonstrate that faith in Jesus not only make excellent sense, but a life-changing difference.

Tuesdays at 6:45 pm


Sunday School 10:15am (after the worship service)

The goal of the Sunday school program is that by the time the students graduate they have had the opportunity to learn the New Testament, learn what to believe, how to defend what they believe and how to share what they believe with others.

7th & 8th Grade:
Year 1: Life & Teaching of Jesus
Year 2: Life & Teaching of the Apostles

9th & 10th Grade:
Basics of Faith
Westminster Shorter Catechism

11th & 12th Grade:
Year 1: Apologetics
Year 2: Evangelism

Medical/Emergency Permission Slips can be filled out online here. Otherwise you can download and fill out a print version here, and return completed to the church office.

FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH of MOLINE, IL – is seeking a Director of Youth Ministry.  This is a full-time position that will provide leadership for students in grades 7-12.

For more information on this position and how to apply, please visit the FUPC employment page.