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Why do we do what we do? What is important to us?

Core Values of Stephen Ministry at First United Presbyterian Church

  • God does not want any of us to suffer alone, but wants us to love,
    encourage, and care for one another.
  • We want our church to be a place where hurting people can receive compassion,
    care, and Christ’s healing love.
  • All God’s people have been blessed with spiritual gifts and God calls us all to active ministry.

We value high-quality, distinctively Christian lay ministry. We demonstrate this value by equipping people through Stephen Ministry.

We value people and want them to experience the love of Christ, especially when they are hurting, troubled, or in need. We demonstrate this value by ministering to people through Stephen Ministry.

Stephen Ministry’s Vision

A vision is a descriptive picture of the future based on what God is calling His people to be. It involves a ministry prayerfully discerning what God wants it to become in order to carry out the work of His Kingdom.

Where are we now? Where do we need to go?

Our Stephen Ministry exists to serve God by bringing Christ’s healing love to individuals who are experiencing life’s challenges and difficulties.

Our mission includes: Doing everything we can to make sure that everyone who needs care receives it.
Reality is: We have people in our congregation and community who are in need of care from a Stephen Minister, and we don’t have enough Stephen Ministers.
Where do we need to go? Recruit more effectively so that we add 5-8 Stephen Ministers to the 13 we have now, in the next two years.
What are we going to do? We plan to have a Stephen Minister Training Session in the fall of 2018.
Our congregation’s Stephen Ministry equips laypeople to provide one-to-one Christian care to people in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. This is a confidential ministry. The identity of those receiving care and everything they discuss with a Stephen Minister remain private.

Is God calling you to be a Stephen Minister?
Talk to one of the Stephen Leaders: Pastor Greg, Ruth Neagle,
Launa Engelbrecht, Jim Boland.

Stephen Ministry, a ministry of Congregational Care. Stuart Neagle, Elder.


My faith has grown, my prayer life has doubled, and I know how to really make a difference in people’s lives. I’d encourage anyone who has the chance to become a Stephen Minister.


Architect, Prairie Village, KS

God gave me a heart for other people. Stephen Ministry gave me the skills I needed to minister to other people and bring God’s love into their lives during a time of deep need. I’m humbled and awed God can use me like this.


Case Management, Pittsburgh, PA

Stephen Ministry has given me a way to serve God more faithfully by being His presence to those in need. In the process God has blessed me with skills I didn’t know I had, and enriched my life in more ways than I could ever imagine.


Aerospace Engineer, Manassas, VA