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The following books were added to our library in June and July

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On a Summer Tide

by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Paul Grayson is a sports announcer who was not home a lot while his three daughters were growing up. He had promised his wife they would return to the island in Maine where they met but she passed away before they could do this. He caught a bad case of laryngitis that has curtailed his announcing career. He discovers an opportunity to buy the island and takes it. His three daughters think he may be suffering from early onset dementia. They arrive on the island to check up on Dad. The daughters have never gotten along so being together trying to help Dad get the island ready for guests by Memorial Day forces them all to deal with long held anger and hurt feelings. I enjoyed this book. The interaction between
the sisters is sometimes intense but also humorous.

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I’ll Push You

by Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck

Justin and Patrick have been lifelong friends. They have invested in their friendship and have remained close though living far apart. Beginning in his teen years Justin started to lose strength in his muscles. He was eventually confined to a wheelchair, unable to use his arms and legs. He had to be dressed, fed, showered, and helped in the bathroom. He was married and had three children before the disease had progressed this far. He must depend on his wife, children, and frequently Patrick for everything. The book jacket states: “So when Justin shared his dream of traveling the famous Camino de Santiago-a spiritual pilgrimage through the mountains and rough terrain of northern Spain-Patrick immediately volunteered to push Justin in his wheelchair. Their six-week, 500mile trek, with its physical challenges, host of colorful characters, and deep inner battles, would prove to be the most difficult and important journey either man would ever take.”

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Heaven Sightings

by James Stuart Bell

The book cover states: “Heaven Sightings is filled with amazing true stories that will boost your confidence in God and His ability to work miracles in your own life-and give you an inkling of what the destination will be like at the end of your earthly journey. Put aside the worries of your day and be inspired to place your trust in the God of heaven”.

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Overcoming Grandparenting Barriers

by Larry Fowler

The book cover states: this book “is a helpful guide to influencing your grandchildren’s lives even through discouraging of hurtful situations, such as when: An adult child is not following the Lord. There is a divorce that limits access to your grandchildren. You are prohibited from addressing spiritual matters when you visit your grandchildren. In this book you will find wisdom, helpful tips, and encouragement to persevere”.