Family Life Ministry

The FUPC Kids Ministry exists to love, serve and equip families and children. We exist to model Jesus Christ and to send families into the world as lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ with a passion to make more disciples of Jesus Christ.

Vision and Values


We offer Children’s Church during the sermon. It is our desire that children and parents worship together in order to instill Godly habits. It is encouraged that family members sit together and enjoy worship as a family. Families who would like their children to attend Children's Church may send them when dismissed during the service. We do understand some families like to keep their children with them, and that children can get restless. That is why we have “Promise Bags” that can be checked out during the service. The bags have crayons, coloring books and story books that help children be less restless during the worship service.


Promise Club meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm. This program is designed to be fun and outreach minded. We look at foundational truths found in God’s Word and apply them to our lives today. Each week we have a time for fellowship, games, and a biblical principal.


Sunday School meets each week from 10:15 - 11:15 am. We have classes for Pre-school through 6th grade. All our classes are designed to provide stable Biblical foundations and to establish Godly habits based on the inspired Word of God.

Infants/Nursery — We have a nurturing environment for children during Sunday School and Worship service. The children will be loved and cared for by qualified volunteers.

Pre-school (2 1/2-5 yrs) — The children at this age are asking lots of questions and we desire to give them a foundation on which they can begin to build their lives. To do this we are currently using the Gospel Project Curriculum, which is a three-year chronological study of the Bible.

K-1st grade — The children will work through Old Testament Families in chronological order focusing on how God and their faith in God impacted their lives. A relationship will be made as to how God and our faith have the same meaning in today’s world. The children will spend two years looking at the stories in the Pentateuch through Moses’ exit and journey in the desert.

2nd-3rd grade — The children will study the birth and life of God's Son, Jesus. We'll study His amazing works and powerful words. Our love for Jesus will grow as we learn about Him.

4th-6th grade —The children will begin to learn how to do inductive Bible studies looking at several major and minor prophets.


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