We Believe…

We believe in God the Father and the present, miraculous power of the Holy Spirit. We worship a great triune God, Father, Son and Spirit. The Bible is the unique, authoritative Word of God, the revelation of God’s redeeming work. We seek to submit and to obey God in every aspect of our living; in personal character and ethics, in finances and sexuality, in words and deeds, in mind, heart and attitude.

We are a discipling church, a Word teaching church, a sending church. A missions church, we dedicate 1/3 of our annual budget to missions. We equip and discipline disciples. Therefore, we proclaim Jesus with honesty and Spirit-filled rejoicing. In seeking to become the image of our Lord we need the discipline of the Word on a daily basis. We welcome all who hunger and thirst for the adventure of living Christ.


“To know Christ, and to make Him known”


First United Presbyterian Church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will develop disciples who worship God, grow spiritually, care for the congregation, and reach out to the world.


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Vision: To encourage the church to commit to pursuing Christ together to see, display and proclaim the glory of God.

Mission: The mission of corporate worship is to enable God’s covenant people to see the glory of God, hear the truth of the gospel and respond with joy in Christ and a life of worship.


Vision: To live as disciples, transformed by Christ, pursuing spiritual gifts in the service of God and the church.

Mission: To make disciples who worship God through all seasons in life in all places together by: hearing the Word, studying the Word, applying the Word and serving one another.


Vision: To provide an avenue of celebrating and sharing the love of God together through fellowship within the church.

Mission: People ministering to people, starting with us.


Vision: Impact our community for Christ and around the world guiding and equipping God’s disciples to fulfill the second great commandment, “To Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”.

Mission: Train and equip God’s disciples to seek and save the lost, provide for those in need, and love all God’s children, upholding all in prayer.